Update your Strava privacy

Strava have recently added some new privacy settings to your profile, so now is a time to have another look at your current settings and maybe tighten up the security on your account.

You should already at a least be using the “Hide Your House” option to keep the start and finish points of your regular rides from showing up (ie: your house or even work).  In the past there have been reports of clued up bike thieves using Strava data to target homes with expensive bikes. This privacy zone can be set from 200m up to a 1000m radius, which is good if you live in a more rural area.

The new settings can enhance your privacy further. Ever had loads of random kudos from Zwift riders or for a Sportive where Strava has shown you “rode with” a whole bunch of strangers? Well now you can also hide your activity from group rides, so it only shows to athletes you follow or that follow you. You can also remove an activity from Strava segment leader boards completely for added privacy.

Alongside the “Hide Your House” option, I have my Strava profile page and training log set to private, with my activities uploaded as private by default. So spend a minute or two now reviewing your settings to ensure you’re happy with your Strava privacy.

When Twitter is awesome, plus bonus Peter Sagan content!

Every now and then, Twitter can be truly awesome. Take this example: A budding young cyclist, Ruby from the UK recently tweeted to Peter Sagan about their shared love of post-ride Haribo…

Then this happened…

A retweet and reply from the World Champion himself!

There are so many reasons to love Peter Sagan and this is simply one more shining example to add to that list! A true ambassador of cycling. In a sport where many take themselves way too seriously, Sagan is a breath of fresh air.

See this article on Cycling Tips about Sagan’s infamous Haribo habits.

Never waste a sunny Sunday

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming. I forget just how lucky I am to be able to live and ride here on this southern island. It really doesn’t get much better than waking up to this!


I only had a short amount of “ride time” on this beautiful Sunday morning so I took my Zwift-fatigued legs out for a coastal loop in the glorious Tassie sunshine. I really should have been resting, but some mornings just can’t be wasted. With full sunshine and no wind I cruised around for a whisker under 32 miles (1850 ft elevation, 19mph average speed) of tan-line cultivating, mood boosting goodness. I even picked up a couple of sneaky Strava cups along the way. Happy weekend! :-)


New job & cycle commute

A couple of days after getting back from my Slovenia and Italy trip (which was awesome I might add) I started my new job. I’ve been on the job just over two weeks now and I’m in the swing of it and enjoying the new environment. There was plenty to learn over the first few days and I made a few rookie mistakes, it’s a big change from my previous job!


The cycle commute hasn’t been quite as tough as I had feared. I’m not pushing hard on the ride in – just keeping the watts low – as I’m on my feet all day at work. I rode three days in the first week, four days last week and next week it’ll be the full five days on the bike. Ask me again about the commute in the dark and grimy depths of the British winter and I may be singing a different tune, but so far so good.

Photogram-20150903124842It’s pretty great at the moment; I get up in the morning, ride my bike for an hour to work, check out loads of cycling gear throughout the day while chatting bikes and keeping tabs on the Vuelta a Espana, then get on my bike and ride home! The hours are long, but the time seems to pass quickly compared to my last job, this is hugely down to working with a great bunch of people.

Got the Woking CC Sunday cafe ride tomorrow, it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to go on one so it’ll be a refreshing change! #keepcycling


Almost Famous

Last Sunday a film crew from ITV’s The Cycle Show accompanied us on the regular first of the month club ride to Windsor. They were filming a piece on how accessible it is to join a club and how not all clubs are intimidating. We are a club that caters for all abilities and isn’t just full of svelte Lycra-clad racing snakes. Being very social and inclusive is an ethos at the heart of our club and one we strive to maintain.

Ex-pro cyclist and pocket rocket Rebecca Charlton accompanied the “social group” on their shorter ride to a local cafe, before shooting off to Windsor to join us faster lot for the ride home. I’d volunteered to lead a fast-ish group that morning so was chosen to be wired up and interviewed by Rebecca on the return journey! Here’s me getting mic’d up by the sound guy in Windsor:


Rebecca and I rode on the front of the group and had a conversation about the club’s different levels and friendly attitude while the cameraman filmed from the back of a motorbike. There was also a quick interview afterwards back in Woking to finish off the piece. I’m totally not checking out her impressive track cyclist’s thighs I promise:


It was such an enjoyable ride with her in the bunch and she was a really good sport, having a laugh alongside all of us guys. It was also a surreal experience having a proper TV camera motorbike following the club ride just like on a pro tour. I even got to fly off the front of the group and draft inches behind it at one point! I could get used to that!

Hopefully the piece will air in a couple of weeks. #almostfamous

Five cycling pet hates

Sometimes it’s best not to take anything I say too seriously. This is one of those times. Here’s a little tongue in cheek list of five things that annoy me when I’m out cycling. Some may seem reasonable, others are totally irrational, all get on my nerves to some extent. But remember, this is just a bit of fun… ;-)

1. Creaking bikes. If you’re chain is squealing or your pedals are squeaking, then don’t sit on my wheel. Actually don’t even ride near me. That rythmic “eeek, eeek, eeek” is spoiling my ride. All I want to hear is my own laboured breathing and the hum of my slick tyres whizzing across the blacktop as I crush another Strava segment.

2. Non matching kit. You wouldn’t leave the house without looking presentable (would you?) so take the time to make sure your kit matches before you head out too. I’m not talking full team kit here (that’s a whole other post) but the colourways of your jersey and bib shorts should at least go together. Extra points for matching them to your bike.

3. Tyre logos not aligned with the valve stem. It serves no real purpose except for maybe saving you a second or two when locating the valve, but it just looks right. It’s neat and cleans up the lines of your bike. Just do it. In fact, if you’re reading this and know your tyre logos aren’t aligned, stop now and go correct it. Like, NOW!

4. Phones on the stem or bars. Nothing ruins the fine looks of a road bike more than a big fat iPhone strapped to the bars. Even worse if there’s a Garmin AND a phone bolted to your cockpit. How much tech do you need to keep those pedals turning?

5. Headphone while riding. Can you not bear to be parted from your music for the entirety of your ride? Can you not just take in the sights and sounds around you instead? Can you not just keep all your senses aware to what’s happening around you? Can you not just be a little sociable on the group ride? Can you not hear that speeding 18-wheeler bearing down behind you? Hmmmm.

What would you add?