Never waste a sunny Sunday

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming. I forget just how lucky I am to be able to live and ride here on this southern island. It really doesn’t get much better than waking up to this!


I only had a short amount of “ride time” on this beautiful Sunday morning so I took my Zwift-fatigued legs out for a coastal loop in the glorious Tassie sunshine. I really should have been resting, but some mornings just can’t be wasted. With full sunshine and no wind I cruised around for a whisker under 32 miles (1850 ft elevation, 19mph average speed) of tan-line cultivating, mood boosting goodness. I even picked up a couple of sneaky Strava cups along the way. Happy weekend! :-)



A bit of love for the road bike

I gave the Kinesis Racelight roadie a bit of love this morning, treating it to a full drivetrain degrease, clean and re-lube. I realised that I hadn’t actually ridden it since last year and that just won’t do! So far my rides in 2017 have either been on the borrowed bike in the Blue Mountains, my Planet X time trial bike or on the trainer.

Project_Aithein_07Position has been tweaked and of course stem slammed since these pics…


Sure it’s “only” got workhorse Shimano 105 kit and Fulcrum Racing 3’s but that alloy race geometry frame just loves a good thrashing! Hopefully the weather will play ball and tomorrow morning I can have a short blast around some local roads. Actually I really should do a longer endurance ride as it’s been a while since I’ve ridden for over two hours. Mostly just been shorter hammer fests! :-)

Sun, Zwift, KOMs and Crashes! My cycling 2017 starter…

I’ve had a pretty good start to the cycling year and I hope you have too, no matter what season you’re currently in the middle of. I kicked off 2017 with a very warm and also very wet New Years Day ride in the Blue Mountains two hours west of Sydney. The owner of the AirBnB we were staying in left me his spare bike to ride. What a champ!

img_3026Matching bar tape, hubs and socks. So totally pro…

Yesterday I took to local roads for a a little Saturday spin, not pushing hard just using it as a bit of active recovery and tan line sharpening. Even so I managed to clock a PR around the TT loop and take 2nd on the leaderboard. All that Zwifting is paying off!


It was a fun ride. Well, it was until a bird flapped out of a roadside bush and collided with my chest! I must have grabbed too much front brake or turned abruptly as I was sent over the bars and hit the bitumen! Luckily nothing broken (on me, the bike or the bird) just a few grazes and some scuffed levers.

week-one-stravaI’m a bit stiff today, but otherwise it’s business as usual. I opted for some easy time on the rollers listening to the Zwift Podcast to work out the stiffness and keep the legs turning.

Next job is to check over the bike to see if there’s any damage I may have missed, then off to the beach for a bit of lazy Sunday afternoon recovery time! #keepcycling

Pretend Cycling?

There seems to be a swell of of anti-Zwift sentiment out there at the moment, with many nay-sayers labelling Zwifters as “pretend cyclists” and that true hard men just hit the road. They see Zwift as a gimmick rather than true training.

Zwift was good enough for Matt Hayman to recover and win Paris Roubaix, now many other pro cyclists are on the platform too. I’m sure if it were old school 2×20’s in the pain cave the haters wouldn’t bat an eyelid, but throw in the “game” of Zwift and suddenly it’s just not cycling. Maybe they’re secretly scared of anything new? Or are jealous of the gains seen by those who spend a lot of time on Zwift?

Who knows. Who cares? What I do know is that I enjoy hammering away in the virtual world and enjoy even more seeing the real world improvements on the road:


Happy New Year! :-)