Twelve types of road cyclists

This made me chuckle, so I thought I’d share. I’m sure you know one or two…



Slacking off somewhat?

In the final week before I moved to Tassie, I rode 440km. That was in between working a full five day week and lots of last minute packing and house clearing.

Looking at my Garmin history report, in the four weeks since arriving here I’ve only managed to ride 420km! Hmmm. I know other aspects of my life have taken a much higher priority, but I really need to step that up a notch.

image1 (10)The sun soaked panoramic views are quite distracting around here.

Of course distance isn’t everything. In that final English week I only clocked up 2780 metres (9150ft) of climbing. Over here I may have ridden less distance, but I’ve climbed 7925 meters (26,000ft of elevation gain). So I’m roughly doing three times the climbing per mile ridden. You may have seen on the news we’ve had some pretty brutal storms down here over the past few days. The North was the worst hit. We were very lucky down in the South. Still, I must ride my bike more often! :-)

Resting heart rate in relation to your fitness level

It’s famously well known that Lance Armstrong had a resting heart rate of 32 beats per minute. Miguel Indurian’s was reported as low as 28bpm (and he won five more Tours de France than Lance).

For the most part, your “natural” untrained resting heart rate is genetic. Some people have a naturally very low RHR while for others it’s higher. It’s the difference you make to it through endurance training that counts.

IMG_1712I’ve never had a particularly low resting hear rate, with my little “untrained” hamster heart beating at around 62-64bpm before I started cycling more seriously. Recently I’ve started measuring it again using a FitBit Blaze watch that I got suckered into buying Duty Free at Heathrow.

Although I was never overweight or overly unhealthy, I’m pretty much as fit as I’ve ever been in my entire life endurance wise thanks to slowly increasing the time and intensity of my cycling, although I need to step it up again very soon. Now my RHR sits around the 56-58bpm mark.

Oh my max measured heart rate while out cycling has been 196bpm, must have been a steep hill that one!