Exploring the Tassie tarmac

IMG_1627I’ve been cycling around my little area of Tasmania for a couple of weeks now and really enjoying it. It makes a change from the well trodden UK commute or my usual weekend loops.

The roads are much quieter here than in Surrey or Berkshire. I guess when the entire island has around half the population of Surrey it’s going to be quieter. The blacktop is in much better condition that I was expecting too. The lower traffic count helps as well as the lack of freezing winter damage that many pothole-strewn UK roads suffer from. In fact pothole avoidance has now been replaced by roadkill avoidance!

image1The KOMs come easier with a bit of motorised doping..

There’s some great climbs around here too. I’ve got a couple of good training ascents close by that I’m using to improve my climbing, something I need after being an average speed junkie for so long. I’ve taken average speed off my Garmin screen to get it out of my head and focus on enjoying the hills for a change.

There is of course the 10 mile long HC climb of Mount Wellington on the Hobart side of the bridge, but as there was snow on the top last week I may have to wait until after winter to attack that one.


I’m yet to find a weekend group ride in the local area, but I have a couple of leads on one that leaves from a point not far from here. I am also missing all those wonderful little cycling cafes dotted around the Surrey Hills back in England.

For all my Northern Hemisphere people out there, I hope you’re enjoying the start of your summer! #keepcycling

image2 (2)Quality post-ride recovery overlooking the bay!


Sagan to Astana? Hmmm…

So word on the pro cycling grapevine is that Peter Sagan has been linked to a possible move to Astana at the end of this season. With his current team (Tinkoff) not continuing into 2017, many of the big budget teams will be hunting this particular World Champ head.

Apparently  Specialized also would like to keep him on their bikes. I’m sure they weren’t thrilled with Cavendish switching to a team on Cervelos, especially as the Venge was basically designed around him!

But Astana? Really?

They have the budget to pay his wage with Nibali on the way out, but would it be a good move for the world champ to link up with the team with one of the worst doping records in the pro peloton?

Astana? The team with FIVE positive doping tests in recent times? In my view Astana shouldn’t even still have a World Tour license! I hope another quality team snaps him up soon. A move to Astana just wouldn’t sit right with me (plus their kit is rubbish).

Plug in your PowerTap!

Just a quickie for any PowerTap users out there. A new firmware update was recently released for all P1 pedals, C1 chainring and G3/GS hub power meters.


According to PowerTap this is new firmware update aims to “simplify across the entire power portfolio” the way offset and calibration is measured. Now all units will share the same starting point of zero (instead of 520-something for hubs) with a range of +/- 30 being acceptable.

Also when calibration falls outside of the +/- 30 point normal range your head unit will display “Failed” on the screen. This is PowerTap’s new way of gently telling you to get the unit serviced and professionally re-calibrated.

Updates to PowerTap Offset Values

I’m yet to install the new firmware. I might wait until I need to replace the battery and do both jobs at once. It doesn’t strike me as an important update so I’ll report back once I’ve installed and tested it.

G’day from Tasmania!

Just a quick update from the Land Down Under! :-) After three flights and countless hours of travel my bike and I arrived safe in Tasmania. It’s been quite the trip so far and I was exhausted for the first couple of days. The rental house April sorted while she was here before me is an absolute stunner with views over the bay. It was such an incredible sight to arrive home to!

image1 (10)

I’ve had just under a week to settle in, recover from the flying and pop out for a couple of short rides to keep the legs spinning. It’s much lumpier here than I am used to with not a lot of fast, flat roads. Not to worry though, I managed to bag a couple of local Strava KOMs on today’s effort so the legs must be slowly coming around.

image3 (1)

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be busy with getting all the mundane tasks sorted such as setting up a proper bank account, switching over my driving license and of course looking for employment. Hope life is treating you all well. I’ll try and keep you updated when I can. #ridelots