The miles are racking up

It’s been yet another quality week on two wheels for me. Although it’s still pretty cold in the mornings, the darkness of British winter is on the way out and spring is most definitely taking over! I went for a solid 70 mile training ride with a mate from work this morning to put myself at 265 miles for the week and 900 in the last four! I’ve also sailed through the 2000 mile mark for the year so far.


I’m going to continue building into next week and then take a little break over Easter to let the training load sink in. I hope everyone else is making the most of the improving weather to smash some quality road miles! #keepcycling

Oh and wasn’t Milan San Remo a thrilling, if crash-marred race! Really looking forward to the Froome, Porte, Contador, Quintana, Aru battle at the Volta a Catalunya stage race this week.


Bring on Spring!

What a weekend! Two consecutive bright, sunny and dry days to kick off the season and get some quality miles ridden. What more could a guy ask for? :-)

After yesterday’s blast on the time trial bike, today I whipped out into Surrey for a solo 50 mile ramble, including three reps up and down Staple Lane for good measure. The legs felt heavy after yesterday, but my power data and a Strava PB up Staple Lane’s Cat 4 climb tell me I was doing alright.


With a few years in England under my belt now I’ve learnt that you’ve got to make the most of fine weather as you never know how long (or short) it will last. Hope you all got some enjoyable weekend miles in! Back to the commute tomorrow morning.

Finally out on the speed machine!

After a foggy start to Saturday morning, the sun cleared the air and made way for a bright and calm afternoon. Earlier in the week we’d had a decent downpour to wash most of the salt and crud from the roads so everything was falling into place.

The time trial bike had been staring at me from the corner of the room just tempting me to get out for a blast. Today had to be that day! Sure it was still chilly (long sleeve base layer plus long sleeve jersey) but it was looking like the best weekend of the year.


After a short warm-up spin I could feel the build-up of fatigue from my commute miles in my legs, but I threw in a sneaky loop around a local ten mile TT course anyway (averaging north of 22mph, forgot how much that can hurt) before aimlessly cruising some familiar roads, just enjoying a rare afternoon of English sunshine!


Once I’d run out of water I circled home, finishing with a little over 50 miles and an average of 19.6mph. A quality first outing of the year on the Stealth! Life is good and I can’t wait to push harder on fresh legs! #keepcycling

First Look: BIO Potato Protein Isolate

While wandering around the London Bike Show the other week I stumbled across the stand for Pura Free From nutritional products. I’m always on the lookout for interesting alternatives to the usual whey powders, so this one caught my interest. Their BIO Protein Isolate is a protein powder made from potato extract!


According to the sales rep, potato is 2% protein so they take the potato and refine it into a powder which has a highly bio-available 95% protein content. You can then mix it with milk, water, juice or even use it in cooking (I threw some in my pancake mix on the weekend). I’ve found it blends well, but does thicken up whatever mixture you add it to more than other protein powders.

It’s unflavoured and the texture is not “chalky” like other whey protein alternatives I’ve sampled. It is also 100% vegan and gluten free. So far I’ve found it a great alternative, but rather expensive compared to traditional whey protein powder.

Continuing with the product’s vegan theme, here’s a tasty recipe for a potato protein powered recovery shake I’ve been testing out. You will need…


  • Almond milk
  • Scoop of BIO Protein Powder
  • Scoop or two of oats
  • One banana
  • Tablespoon of malt extract for sweetness

image1 (6)Break the banana into pieces and put it in the blender followed by the almond milk, then the rest of the ingredients.  Give it a good whiz for around thirty seconds, pour into a large glass and enjoy after a hard session on the bike!


image2 (4)