Getting more aero! #freespeed

As the weather was rubbish today and I’d already logged 175 miles this week I decided to have a closer look at my position on the time trial bike. For various reasons I only got in a handful of rides on it last year so I’m hoping I can find some form in 2016 as I really enjoy riding the Stealth. I knew my current position wasn’t great so there was always going to be room for improvement.

I got a new helmet too so I needed to see how that fit. It’s a medium tail MET Drone Wide Body, as used by MTN Qhubeka last season (see image above). With the help of my turbo and some iPhone video I got tinkering…

Here’s my starting position, the same measurements as last year:

And here’s where I ended up after a bit of tweaking:

It feels comfortable and looks a lot more aero. Notice how the tail of the helmet sits flush into my back. Of course getting really aero is only part of the equation as I need to see if I can still ride comfortably and put out some power in this position! Here’s the two photos in a side-by-side comparison:


I’m still not 100% happy with saddle choice – something to look at – and I could really do with a Sigma Sport SanRemo 2.0 Speedsuit to complete the package! ;-) Once the weather improves I will go for a proper spin around my local testing roads and do a bit more fine tuning. #aeroiseverything


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