Building up my weekly mileage

September has been a top month on the bike so far. I’ve managed to turn the pedals every day except one, helped by the full five days of cycle commuting. I did the first three days on the commuter bike, but the weather forecast for Thursday and Friday was so nice I took the Kinesis Aithein instead.


Popped out for a short little recovery ride on Saturday and then a great solo spin out to Box Hill this morning (for the best homemade treacle tart in Surrey). Finished the week with a shade over 220 miles and 415 miles for the month.


The legs are feeling fatigued, but still in good form. I’m making sure I focus on recovering well and eating to replace the calorie burn. The commute equates to roughly 500 calories each way. This week’s worth of commuting is looking a little more difficult as the weather is turning wet and windy! #keepcycling


2 thoughts on “Building up my weekly mileage

  1. Its been windy ALL YEAR here in France, truly painful. It’s said that its good resistance training and that I’ll feel the benefits when I ride with no wind…. only that day never seems to come.
    Good mileage, well done.


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