GP 4-Season Tyres: 1500 Miles

You may recall I posted a quick first impressions review of the Continental 4-Season tyres back in November of last year. Since then I have covered around 1500 miles through the English winter and now into Spring. So how have they fared?


Over the past months I’ve had the pleasure (?) of riding these tyres through all types of weather and varying road surfaces. There’s been the notoriously potholed and rough Surrey Hills, mud strewn single track lanes and everything that the English weather could have thrown at me (besides snow). The tyres have performed faultlessly, offering a marked increase in confidence over my summer tyres.

There is hardly a single cut to the tread or sidewall. The logos and brown cross-hatching of the Duraskin Wrap have faded somewhat (possibly a good thing) but structurally both front and rear are still in great condition. I’ve picked a few flints out of the tyres, but so far nothing has managed to penetrate the double puncture protection later. The rubber compound of the 4-Seasons seems much less prone to cuts than the GP4000S does.


In my initial review I noted that that when pushing hard the 4-Seasons felt a fraction slower than the GP4000S tyres. I still believe this, but it’s such an insignificant difference that it is hardly worth worrying about it, especially in the winter months when your average speed is affected more by other factors.

In fact, I have been so impressed by the Conti 4-Seasons tyres that I am seriously contemplating leaving them on my road bike permanently and saving the faster tyres for my race machine. After all, they are billed as “four seasons” not just for winter! They really are that good.


  • Excellent grip levels in the cold and wet
  • Confidence inspiring handling
  • Hard wearing yet still comfortable to roll on
  • Extra puncture protection layer over GP4000S tyres
  • Bolstered sidewall damage protection


  • Possibly more expensive that the competition (buy when on special)
  • Not the best looking tyres

12 thoughts on “GP 4-Season Tyres: 1500 Miles

  1. The Grand Prix GTs are worth a punt too, at about £35 retail. Only come in 25c, but there’s a lot to be said for that. Slightly heavier than the GP 4-Seasons though….

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  2. Just ridden the Tour of Flanders sportive on the 4 Seasons – they do comfort and grip pretty well and I use them all year round due to the terrible state of Belgian roads.

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  3. I got a pair in 28mm for my cross bike a couple of years ago.. the group I ride with fortnightly covers 100 miles plus.. I took my rubino pros off.. and fitted these.. grip was fine, quick enough.. but the ride was appalling.. not an ounce of comfort.. i gave them another go over a century on a different route.. they now hang in the shed.. 218 miles on them… the vittorias aren’t as quick.. but the comfort is heaven sent when you go beyond 60 miles on UK roads. . I’m not a conti hater.. I’ve had good returns off attack and force and gp4000’s.. but the 4 seasons don’t do it for me


  4. I’ve been meaning to do a review of these for a while, so you’ve saved me some typing :-) Likewise I got them for the Winter (25mm) and was impressed straight off the bat – grip was so much better than the Conti Ultras or Scwalbes I was using. I’ve only had one puncture in around 2000km riding (a sharp stone at walking pace), but unlike you, I’ve noticed they have got ripped up pretty badly (quite a few 2-3mm cuts). Still, one of my Mavic Aksions on my ‘summer’ bike has split completely across the surface after only 1000km… maybe I should just learn to watch the road closer ;-)

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