Aero helmets?

Spare time is a dangerous thing. In the ever lasting search for marginal gains I’ve been looking at getting a new aero helmet for this coming season. I know I should work on the legs instead, but every little helps, right?


There’s a huge array of different styles at different price points, many of which cater towards the massive and often overpriced triathlon market. The trend now is for short-tail aero helmets such as the KASK Bambino. There’s also the latest batch of aero road helmets, all advertised to supposedly be faster and give you the best of both worlds (I’m not a fan).

So what difference does a helmet actually make? Well here’s a video from the Specialized “Win Tunnel” comparing three of their own helmets; a normal vented one, an Evade aero road helmet and their completely aero S-Works TT lid.

You have to take this video with a grain of salt of course. It’s produced by Specialized so no doubt they are going to say their time trial helmets are faster, but it’s interesting to see some of the differences nonetheless. There are real gains to be made here if you’re racing! Now, where did my wife hide my credit card?


7 thoughts on “Aero helmets?

  1. One of the things my riding buddy and I were talking about with Aero helmets is not just the speed, but whether the reduced ventilation is better suited for winter riding. I ride with a Catlike Mixino, which in the Summer is like where an air conditioner, but in Winter is far too aerated (the by product of designing helmets with a shotgun). I reckon the Kask and others would be the same in this regard too.

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  2. I actually could live with the Evade but bought the S3. First, the Evade was $90 more than the S3 and my wife would have my butt… Then, the TT helmets are just so goofy lookin’ unless you’re actually doing a time trial, I’d have to kick my own.


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