One Year TT Record: Steve Abraham knocked off his bike!

After riding a mammoth 16,000+ miles so far this year chasing the one year time trial record, Steve Abraham has been knocked off his bike by an inattentive moped rider. Earlier today there were reports that he had been in an “incident” and the bad news was confirmed this afternoon. This statement was taken from his Twitter feed:

“Sad to announce that 8:10am Steve was ridden into by a moped. Steve tried to carry on but stopped in Wellington. He was collected by one of the team and taken to hospital.

He has 2 broken bones in his ankle and is currently in plaster. It is looking highly likely that he will require an operation to have a plate and screws.”


We all know Steve is one tough cookie, it takes a certain kind of madman to chase a record as crazy as the year. The current record is 75,065 miles set by Tommy Godwin in 1939, that’s an average north of 200 miles every single day. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery and that this won’t be the end of his record attempt.


Aero helmets?

Spare time is a dangerous thing. In the ever lasting search for marginal gains I’ve been looking at getting a new aero helmet for this coming season. I know I should work on the legs instead, but every little helps, right?


There’s a huge array of different styles at different price points, many of which cater towards the massive and often overpriced triathlon market. The trend now is for short-tail aero helmets such as the KASK Bambino. There’s also the latest batch of aero road helmets, all advertised to supposedly be faster and give you the best of both worlds (I’m not a fan).

So what difference does a helmet actually make? Well here’s a video from the Specialized “Win Tunnel” comparing three of their own helmets; a normal vented one, an Evade aero road helmet and their completely aero S-Works TT lid.

You have to take this video with a grain of salt of course. It’s produced by Specialized so no doubt they are going to say their time trial helmets are faster, but it’s interesting to see some of the differences nonetheless. There are real gains to be made here if you’re racing! Now, where did my wife hide my credit card?

Finally, finally, finally!

Today is what Jim would call Venge Day or in other words, the day when the fast carbon bike finally comes out of hibernation after a long winter! Mine’s still been busy indoors bolted to the turbo trainer (although a little less the past month) but it hasn’t seen the blacktop since October or November last year. Sad but true.

planetxstealth001Photo from last year, I didn’t stop on today’s ride. Places to be you know!

Today was sunny and dry, but not particularly warm. I really need to ride myself back into form after a few mediocre weeks of illness and heavy legs so it was out with the race machine for a good hiding.

I had a route planned to give me a couple of shorter “race pace” style efforts and also included a section of a TT that I plan on riding. It did show me that I’ve got some catching up to do. I’m still not back to full fitness yet, this illness has really knocked me around. It seems the legs need some re-acquainting with those longer duration high-intensity efforts!


All in all a fairly good solo ride of 43 miles. Hopefully there’ll be more of this weather and as the days get longer I can get some after-work rides in the legs. I may not have been flying, but was great to be back on the TT bike!

Ride Review: Tannus Aither 1.1 Solid Road Bike Tyres

Since my first look in February I’ve been giving the Tannus Aither 1.1 solid tyres a thorough workout on my road bike. I’ve covered enough miles now to be able to write a more in-depth appraisal of their real world performance. They promised a lot, but did they deliver? You can read my full review over on Wheelsuckers, who kindly provided me with the tyres. Click on the link below to be taken to the full article:

Review: Tannus Aither 1.1 Solid Tyres

AITHER_REVIEW_01That’s right, I stuck safety pins into my tyres. So what? ;-)

Yearning for the summer bike

Due to illness and generally feeling sorry for myself, my plan to get out and test my limits on the time trial bike this weekend didn’t materialise. I even had a perfect loop planned down on the south coast. Instead I did a little bike fettling in the garage to pass the time. My TT bike hasn’t seen the road since late last year (although plenty of turbo training indoors) and I really, really miss riding it.

PLANETX_003Slippery aero front end. Need to tidy up those messy cables!

Just looking at this weapon makes me want to jump on and stomp the pedals. I can’t help it, I just love riding! It also helps that my Planet X Stealth is faster, lighter and more comfortable than my alloy-framed road bike. Win, win, win!



Clear skies, dry roads and much milder temperatures (if a little breezy) would have made splendid cycling conditions for the first time this year. It’s all good though for as an older, wiser cyclist once said to me on a ride – there’s always another day!

Strade Bianche

Finally we’ve got a dry, sunny and even slightly warm weekend! The perfect weather to get on the bike and crush some miles! Unfortunately I’ve been hit by illness so am confined to home. No miles for me today so luckily it’s the Strade Bianche in around an hour so I’ll get my fix by watching a live stream of the pros showing us how it’s done.


I’d like to see Peter Sagan take it this year after he finished second in 2014, but there’s a strong field of contenders all looking to open their season account! Fabian Cancellara will be another big name to watch. The “white roads” of Tuscany, Italy are probably not the most fun to race on but they do make for some great viewing for us at home.