Monday solo ride for the soul

BsBq-m8IgAA_tVcWhat better way to spend my final work-free Monday than to get on the bike and rack up a few extra miles. Apart from a week’s illness my training has been progressing well, so today I planned to go out and just enjoy the ride without focusing on any numbers.

After waiting for the morning commute traffic to calm down I set out on familiar roads towards Twyford before turning North for the lovely town of Henley-on-Thames (famous for the annual rowing regatta and Wind in the Willows exhibition). Passing through Henley and into the Chilterns it was time for the only climb of the ride, Pishill.


Pishill is the spike you can see in the middle of the route profile. It’s not a tough climb by any means, just a long one. The full climb is around 6 miles without any breaks, but it’s really only the last two miles that count. There’s plenty more hills throughout the Chilterns, but one will do for today. From the top it was a short stop to admire the view before retracing my steps towards home.

On a side note, if you’re ever cycling through the Chilterns keep your eyes peeled for Wallabies! Rumour has it that many years ago an Estate had a private collection, of which a few managed to escape and survive, now there’s a wild population hopping about the hills!

All in all an enjoyable, if a little windy 55 miles to myself. There’s no doubt that a few hours away from the world – just you and the bike – is good for the soul. You can really take in the journey and appreciate the beauty of life on two wheels.

Wallaby photo courtesy of the Henley Standard online.


4 thoughts on “Monday solo ride for the soul

  1. There’s nothing quite like a sneaky solo weekday ride. In the summertime it’s easy but the idea of coming a cropper with a mechanical when I’m out on my own on a cold day does, I must admit, put me off. That said, when you need to ride, you need to ride!


      • I’m confident enough about being able to fix stuff at the roadside, it’s just that it’s miserable being on your own in the cold when it happens. At least in the group you have the company of people telling you what you’re doing wrong!


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