Some days are just made for cycling

Clear deep blue skies, a gentle breeze and empty weekday roads. Some days are just perfect for wheeling the bike out of the house, pointing it in any direction you want and cruising around for some tan line inducing miles through the country. I put my Garmin on a screen with no ride stats – just time and temperature – and pedalled away without a care in the world for the spare hour or so I had.


Life doesn’t get much sweeter sometimes! And to think it’s still technically winter here, bring on spring and summer. #chilledoutcycling

Back on the Rollers

In an attempt to increase my saddle time and get back up to flying fitness I splurged on a new set of rollers. Last month we smashed our target at work, so what better way to spend some of that bonus money than on bike tech? :-)


Back in the UK I had a set of Elite Arion rollers that I loved. Unfortunately I couldn’t take them or my turbo with me. This time around I plumped for the upgraded version with built-in resistance levels (picture below is me on the old set a few years ago).

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The Elite Arion has parabolic rollers, meaning they are taller at the edges to help keep you centred. It’s not a fail safe though and it is still possible to ride over and off, trust me on that one!

Two other great features of the Elite rollers are the lighter plastic frame and the ability to fold it in half for storage. I haven’t given the resistance levels a thorough testing yet, but I’m sure it’ll stop me from spinning madly when trying to put down some wattage! Not that I have much wattage now (okay, I never had much). It’s going to be a tough slog back to finding my form. #keepcycling


Millimeters Matter!

Yesterday for the first time in a while, I took the TT bike for a spin. Less than five miles down the road my quads were protesting, I was shuffling around on the saddle and I just wasn’t feeling “right” on the bike. I pulled over for a quick roadside evaluation, resulting in me lifting the saddle by a mere 4mm. Might not sound like a lot, but oh the difference it can make!


Back on the bike and I could immediately feel the change. Back to business! The bike and I were at one again! I smashed out the rest of my ride in comfort locked into the TT tuck, picking up a few PB’s along the way. I guess it pays to check your bike setup every now and then. My seat post must have slipped over a bump at some point.

When it comes to bike setup, millimeters matter!

(oh and excuse my American spelling of the word, just this once)

Keep the wheels turning

The wind has been crazy here of late. It’s been whipping across the Island like a crazed animal, throwing down some hairy crosswinds, the kind where I’ve had difficulty not getting blown around on a 200kg motorbike let alone an 8kg bicycle! But when the wind drops to sane levels, it’s been stunning.


As far as winter goes it’s been bright and blue most days so I’ve still gotten out for the odd ride between work and other chores. Not as much as I’d like and the fitness has suffered slightly, but sometimes that can’t be helped.

Most of my rides have just been for the fun of it (plus clocking my Woking CC 100km ride each month). I’ve passed the 6000km mark for the year out on the road so that’s one marker ticked off my list. Also I’ve got a set of rollers on order so very soon I’ll be able to sneak in an hour before/after work when I can’t get out on the road. That should at least keep the legs turning a little easier!

Oh and good luck to all my UK peeps hammering around the closed streets of London and the Surrey Hills this weekend at Ride London 100! #dropthehammer

Reunited with my TT bike!

After three months at sea packed up lovingly in a cardboard box inside a shipping container, my Planet X Stealth time trial bike has finally arrived safe and sound to me in Tasmania! Oh how I’ve been waiting! I put it back together last night, adjusted everything millimetre perfect and then spent an unhealthy amount of time admiring all that beautiful carbon fibre.


I took it for it’s inaugural Australian spin earlier today. It was great to finally get back down into that TT tuck and purr along the blacktop upon that carbon frame and 60mm deep carbon wheels! I even searched out a few flat roads around Hobart Airport to get those wheels humming.

The legs could do with some work after too much time off, but the smile factor of the ride was certainly off the chart. #happydays

Bike rack for my motorcycle?

I totally need a bike rack for my motorbike! I think…



Or maybe not. I wouldn’t want to be pulling on a set of protective leathers and a full face helmet after a flat out, tiring and sweaty road ride! Maybe if I was riding to a destination with showers and changing facilities? I’m still not sure. When it comes to racks though, this one pretty damn pimp: